Get over your weaknesses. Fight the terror. Escape. Are you able to handle your fear?

How does it work?

Together with your collegues you are locked inside a room with a time cap of 60 minutes to get outside. There is a solution inside, which will allow you to work your way out and escape. In order to escape the room you must locate numerous clues, decode hints and solve puzzles. Team collaboration is very important, as well as being creative, being perceptive and thinking out of the box. Each game is run by a game master, who is watching you on cameres and may provide additional hints. Between 2 and 6 players participate in one game depending on the room.


Escape Room Spaceship Alien Invasion

Spaceship - Alien Invasion

Time 60 min. / number of guests: 3-6 players

Price: 180,00 PLN

You are a member of a rescue expedition sent to Discovery spaceship. Latest communicates from Discovery crew, who were sent to their mission over 2 years ago, clearly indicate, that the spaceship has been attacked and terrorized by an intelligent, unidentified, extraterrestrial life form.

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Escape Room Science Lab

Science Lab

Time 75 min. / number of guests: 3-5 players

Price: 150,00 PLN

You are locked in a lab, where during previous years works on the immortality elixir continued. Scientists involved in these proceedings were ready for everything including human experiments.

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Under Construction

Under Construction

Time - min. / number of guests: - players

Price: 0,00 PLN

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Room escape games and our story

Real life room escape games are conquering the world at the moment! Group locked inside a room with a specific theme must work the way out in 60 minutes. All clues, hints and puzzles allowing to escape are inside. Computer games were an inspiration for this real life entertainment. The first real life escape room was founded in 2006 in San Francisco and it was based on Agata Christie books. During 2010 plenty of new escape rooms were created all around the world. In a very short time the game conquered USA, Asia, Australia and Europe. First european rooms have been created in Switzerland and Hungary. First escape rooms in Poland were build in 2014. This year is also our start. In October 2014 the idea started to grow in our minds, one month later we started to build Great Escape.

Great Escape is located north on the right side of Warsaw. There are 3 different theme rooms for local and international adventure hunters and a full background to organize a company event. This is the first such place in this area of Warsaw.

Both individuals and companies are being welcome at Great Escape in Warsaw. For companies, it is an outstanding and unique team building opportunity. For large companies, we may organize a competition lasting several weeks, during which teams participating in the game may compare their scores.