Escape Room Spaceship Alien Invasion

Spaceship - Alien Invasion

You are a member of a rescue expedition sent to Discovery spaceship. Latest communicates from Discovery crew, who were sent to their mission over 2 years ago, clearly indicate, that the spaceship has been attacked and terrorized by an intelligent, unidentified, extraterrestrial life form.  Nearly 2 months ago Suzaku radar from south of Japan captured a coded message sent from Discovery to the most Earth distant galaxy z8 GND 5296. It occurred after decoding the message, that new Discovery inhabitants are heading towards Earth with one goal. They want destruction of human beings and they aim to take over our planet…

Due to extraordinary intelligence and power of aliens, you and your companions do not have a chance in a direct challenge. However we have developed a plan to save the world and humanity. The rescue expedition that you are participating in is about to head to Discovery. You are equipped with a specialized tools among others vests, which are the latest technology achievement. Their features include heat elimination, which makes you basically invisible for extraterrestrial creatures as they do not evolved with a sense sight. Under no circumstances at any time you are not allowed to take off the vest. The Aliens luring your life, and you have to save the humanity!

The goal of your mission is to collect data holders and then use them in order to program the spaceship in a way, that will allow you to exit safely and the spaceship soon after your departure will continue to travel to galaxy z8 GND 5296, where it will self-detonate together with humanity hostile extraterrestrial civilization.

You will learn more, when entering to the mission…

Price: 180,00 PLN