Great Escape adventure is available for small companies and big ones as well. For companies or teams up to 20 employees we may organize a half day or full day event, during which groups between 3 and 6 members will take a challenge to escape the room and the other participants will spend their time together at our house integrating with each other. At the end of the day you will exchange your escape experiences and will compare your scores.

In case of companies or teams above 20 employees, we offer a challenge lasting for few weeks or months. Teams between 3 and 6 members will book the room individually and we will deliver scores comparison. We are certain, that for a while your employees will not discuss anything else on a coffee break, building up a great team and an outstanding atmosphere at work.

Game participants face a common challenge. Aiming for the same purpose they gain an opportunity to collaborate and act together, having fun at the same time, but also strongly integrating and building trust based relationship. This form of entertainment contributes to effectiveness and collaboration of a team, but may be as well just an additional gratification for teams already achieving outstanding results and collaborating effectively.

Great Escape offer 3 rooms, each one with a different theme, which may be booked for groups starting with 3 members. We have also all it takes to deliver you a full or half day event for a group up to 20 people.

Please book the room directly on the web site if you are interested in a single game or do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone in case of events or any other special requests.